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apartment hunting guide

Apartment Hunting in Japan: 40+ Lesser Known Tips

Apartment hunting can be an exciting and/or daunting task, no matter your location. While there are many factors that overlap whether you are in Japan or your home country, there are many differences to be aware of as well. There are many articles out there giving instructions and tips on how to find an apartment […]


How to Become a CIR: Apply Like a Boss

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re frustrated and/or desperate—and maybe a small percent of you simply curious. “I tried to find advice for applying to be a CIR, but almost all the information out there was for ALTs! Help!” Ah yes, now we must wallow and worry in isolation in our problems of (lack […]


Comparing Penis Festivals: Nagoya vs. Tokyo

I’m pretty certain with this title I have both lost and gained followers, and such is life. Before I go into this too much, make sure you use your best judgment based on the title as to whether this post is safe for work/school/etc. But you do you. The “penis festivals” of Greater Nagoya and […]


Japanese Study Regimen: Tips from a CIR

(Note: This post is specifically aimed at advanced learners of Japanese, but many of these tips apply to learning at any level.) As a coordinator for international relations, the only hard requirement for my job is a certain level of fluency in Japanese (roughly N2 or higher, to be exact). I use Japanese in most […]


Announcement: Eatsunomiya has moved!

Hello everyone! I wanted to formally announce that after a lot of consideration, I have decided to move my Eatsunomiya section of this blog to its own website: https://eatsunomiya.wordpress.com. I have a lot more posts coming, and as I expand my writing, I decided that a community format isn’t the best server for this aspect of […]

kanji in the mind of a

Seeing Kanji as Color

This is something I haven’t discussed in too much length with anyone–I normally use this fact as an icebreaker for “tell me 3 things about yourself” or such and such, but I don’t think I’ve ever gone into this part of my life like I’m going to here now. I have synesthesia, which is, as […]

A week in the life of a

A Week in the Life of a CIR

During introductions at various JET conferences, I as a CIR (Coordinator for International Relations) am often called a “unicorn” by the various ALTs (Assistant Language Teachers, for those out of the know) I meet. True, we are on the rarer side, making up only about 8% of the total JET population, but the real unicorns […]


Specialty Gyoza : Men Men – Eatsunomiya

I’d already tried Min Min, the gyoza giant of all of Utsunomiya, but I had yet to try the unfortunately (or perhaps intentionally?) named Men Men until yesterday. I mainly knew them for their almost equally famous gyoza, but had also seen their ramen featured in magazines and other advertisements. Glancing at their storefront, they […]