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How to Become a CIR: Apply Like a Boss

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re frustrated and/or desperate—and maybe a small percent of you simply curious. “I tried to find advice for applying to be a CIR, but almost all the information out there was for ALTs! Help!” Ah yes, now we must wallow and worry in isolation in our problems of (lack […]


Comparing Penis Festivals: Nagoya vs. Tokyo

I’m pretty certain with this title I have both lost and gained followers, and such is life. Before I go into this too much, make sure you use your best judgment based on the title as to whether this post is safe for work/school/etc. But you do you. The “penis festivals” of Greater Nagoya and […]


Japanese Study Regimen: Tips from a CIR

(Note: This post is specifically aimed at advanced learners of Japanese, but many of these tips apply to learning at any level.) As a coordinator for international relations, the only hard requirement for my job is a certain level of fluency in Japanese (roughly N2 or higher, to be exact). I use Japanese in most […]


Announcement: Eatsunomiya has moved!

Hello everyone! I wanted to formally announce that after a lot of consideration, I have decided to move my Eatsunomiya section of this blog to its own website: https://eatsunomiya.wordpress.com. I have a lot more posts coming, and as I expand my writing, I decided that a community format isn’t the best server for this aspect of […]

kanji in the mind of a

Seeing Kanji as Color

This is something I haven’t discussed in too much length with anyone–I normally use this fact as an icebreaker for “tell me 3 things about yourself” or such and such, but I don’t think I’ve ever gone into this part of my life like I’m going to here now. I have synesthesia, which is, as […]

A week in the life of a

A Week in the Life of a CIR

During introductions at various JET conferences, I as a CIR (Coordinator for International Relations) am often called a “unicorn” by the various ALTs (Assistant Language Teachers, for those out of the know) I meet. True, we are on the rarer side, making up only about 8% of the total JET population, but the real unicorns […]


Specialty Gyoza : Men Men – Eatsunomiya

I’d already tried Min Min, the gyoza giant of all of Utsunomiya, but I had yet to try the unfortunately (or perhaps intentionally?) named Men Men until yesterday. I mainly knew them for their almost equally famous gyoza, but had also seen their ramen featured in magazines and other advertisements. Glancing at their storefront, they […]

Omede-Taiyaki (1)

Omede-taiyaki – Eatsunomiya

I can’t say this enough: this Japanese “fast food” is perfection. Imagine the fluffiest pancake you’ve had. Now imagine it combined with all the deliciousness that is okonomiyaki and put in a fun-sized, fish-shaped vessel. This is okonomi-tai-yaki from Omede-taiyaki, which also gets extra points from me for being a punny and yet completely honest […]