Japan Off The Beaten Path – 6 Hidden Gems

“Japan Off The Beaten Path” is one of those phrases that just invites itself to endless stories and beauty .  We have scoured the books and the Internet to come come up with a list of the best hidden gems!  Here are 6 that this great country has to offer.

6. Terraced Stonewalls of Takagai (高開), Tokushima

Picture http://tamamotora.blog41.fc2.com/

Image Source: 美しき風景 

Driving through central Tokushima, you may come across a series of terraced stonewalls in the village of Takagai, one of the 100 Villages of Japan. The stonewalls were laid 400 years ago to optimize land space and build homesand fields on the mountainous slopes.

Today, the stone walls is the locals’ pride and is well-preserved by them. The best time to visit is in spring, when the locals plant shiba-sakura, a kind of bright pink moss on the rock walls, making it quite a spectacle on the mountain top!

5. Kayabuki no Sato (かやぶきの里), Kyoto

Picture from miyamanavi.net

Image Source: Kyoto Miyami Navi

A small village in northern Kyoto, Kayabuki no Sato is famous for its thatched-roof farmhouses, many of which are still in use by the villagers. Although there are not much tourist facilities in the area, visitors who take time to stroll around the village are rewarded with an authentic experience of rural Japan, complete with a beautiful landscape of the mountainous region and the Yura River.

4. Fukuroda Falls (袋田の滝), Ibaraki

Fukuroda Falls in Autumn  (Picture from http://visitibaraki.net/)

Fukuroda Falls in Autumn
(Image Source: Visit Ibaraki)
Fukuroda Falls in Winter  (Picture from http://visitibaraki.net/)

Fukuroda Falls in Winter
(Image Source: Visit Ibaraki)

Fukuroda Falls of Ibaraki is one of the great waterfalls in Japan! It is nicknamed “四度の滝” (“The waterfall of four seasons”) by famous priest Seigyo because of the stunning scenery visitors can enjoy in the four different seasons.

That said, the Fukuroda Falls is the most beautiful in winter when it completely freezes over. There is an annual winter illumination and the brave-hearted can even try ice-climbing!

3. Mt Zao (蔵王山), Yamagata

Picture from JNTO

Image Source: JNTO

Come winter and the SNOW MONSTERS awaken. This is Mt Zao, in Yamagata Prefecture, one of the few places where you can see ice trees due to the heavy snowfall and strong winds.

Although it is a ski resort, non-skiers can also take the ropeway to the top, where you will be awarded with a spectacular view of the snowy landscape. Be warned though, it can get bitterly cold at the top. But not to worry as the outdoor hotsprings of Zao Onsen town awaits you at the bottom. What a way to enjoy the winter! 

2. Sukiji Beach(底地ビーチ), Okinawa

Picture From Marshalls Abroad

Sukuji beach , an image of paradise on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa. Sukuji beach has very shallow and clear watersand white sandy shore, making it ideal for wading and snorkelling in the warm waters.

About 2km from Sukuji beach is the famous Kabira Bay, a beautiful scenery of white sand and emerald blue sea. Unfortunately, swimming is not allowed due to the presence of jellyfish and strong current. However, you can take a glass-bottom boat to enjoy the beautiful coral reefs and to visit the cultivation sites of the black pearls.

1. The Road of Laputa (ラピュタの道), Kumamoto

Picture from http://kariud.exblog.jp/18140529

Image Source: 九州ロマンチック街道

The Road of Laputa – this driving route earns its nickname from its similar landscape to the floating island of famous animation Laputa, Castle in the Sky.

Located in Kumamoto Prefecture, the scenic route winds around Mt Aso, giving panoramic views of the ridges of Aso area. Driving on the narrow road, it seems like you are driving in the sky! On cloudy days, a sea of clouds appear around the mountains, making it feel as though you are driving through the sky. Be sure to make this drive if you are doing a road-trip in Kyushu!

Interested in seeing more of ‘Japan off the beaten path’?  See parts two and three.


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