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We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand new community forums. Thomas and I have been working on rolling out this aspect of our site for awhile now and they are finally ready for you to join.

Whether you are a JET Programme participant, an ex-pat in a different career, a traveller, or even just have a general interest in Japan, we want to welcome you to our community.

Be A Part Of Our Community

Living in Japan, and in fact, even just coming to Japan at all – whether on a short trip or longer term, is filled with questions and challenges. We want The Jet Coaster Forums to be a place where you can find solutions to your Japan-related inquiries and issues, and then feel empowered to share your own advice and experiences.

Specifically, the reason we started the Forums NOW is because we noticed that there is a demand for another JET-related forum in the Facebook group called “Incoming JETs 2015”. It’s basically exactly what it sounds like – a Facebook group for the 2015 JET Programme cohort.

Within the group, there is a ton of discussion going on and people are really connecting with each other which we think is awesome. However although Facebook is super convenient, there are a bunch of problems with relying on it solely.

As Thomas said on a post in the Incoming JET’s 2015 Facebook group,

“One of the limiting facets of a Facebook group is the linear style of posting that makes it less easy to browse and continue discussion on good topics. As a results, active groups have topics getting buried really fast even though there’s much more to be said. There may be something you thought was useful in these topics that is really hard to find even a few days later.

Further, while its great to see friendly faces and get to know each other, there are some things that you’d rather be asking anonymously, whether its a bit embarrassing, or you feel you might ‘get in trouble’ or something like that.”

Another reason that we are launching the forums now is because we don’t want the community of blossoming connections on the Incoming JETs 2015 Facebook group to dissipate once the JET Participants start finding out about their placements. The Jet Coaster forums will be a place where you can easily connect with people from around the world, based on similar interests, NOT geographic placements.

There are also various Japan-related sub-reddits like /r/japan and /r/japanlife, and other forums such as which are a useful source of information. Their communities also all have their own unique feel and we recommend checking them out as well.

Let’s Be Friends

Just to reiterate, our primary goal with The Jet Coaster forums is to create a warm, inviting atmosphere for new posters and to encourage vibrant and intelligent discussion. And to that end- we’d like to invite you to be a part of it.

So please, head on over to the forums, make an account, introduce yourself in the Self-introduction thread, and feel free to make a new topic if you feel it is relevant!

You can get started at The Jet Coaster forums by clicking on the link below or at any time by clicking on the “Forum” link above on the main navigation.

The Jet Coaster Forums

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Albo Agunday

Albo Agunday

Hey, I'm Albo, co-founder of TJC. I was a JET in beautiful Gunma Prefecture for 5 years. I started to teach and inspire others how to live a life of travel, learning and adventure.


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