TJC Podcast 002: How To Travel Around Japan


Hey everyone, we’re proud to present the second episode of the TJC podcast!

Thomas and I had a lot of fun doing this episode and we hope you’ll learn a lot about trip planning.

Japan is an awesome country to travel to and around. By and large it is extremely safe and you will never feel like your personal safety is in jeopardy.

Japan is also a heavily service oriented society so you will feel warmly welcomed everywhere you travel to.

The advice in this episode is relevant for both people who want to travel to Japan from out of the country, and for ex-pats who currently call somewhere in Japan their home.

No matter where you are coming from, travelling is one of the best ways to expand your horizons and get more enjoyment out of your life.

However, travel planning can be a hassle and you might not feel like spending hours and hours doing research. Shouldnt you just wing it and go with the flow?

What You Will Learn:

In this podcast, we discuss how putting some effort into scheduling your trips makes them 10x better.

We also discuss the special TJC method for optimizing your travels – the ENTACE system.

We won’t give away what the acronym means here – you’ll have to listen to the podcast or download your free e-book down below, but essentially its Thomas’ simple and easy to implement system for planning your trip to get the most of it.

So hit play on the player, learn how to travel around Japan, discover the ENTACE system entails and find out how it can benefit you when you plan your next trip.

Don’t forget to download your free travel guide below!


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